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Our Government Partners

Biosphere’s have the unique construct of partnering private organisations and individuals on the ground with various levels of government all working towards a shared goal

One of the unique characteristics of a Biosphere region, is that it enables and facilitates the developments of partnerships and joining of different levels of government to the private sector in the single-minded focus of management and sustainable development of a specific region.

As a result, K2C works will all local and district municipalities within its bordes as well as with both provincial and national government as regards many of its policies, strategies and regional application requirements.

Our Biosphere Partners

In addition to forming partnerships with all levels of government, Biospheres also prosper by forming partnerships with other biosphere reserves both nationally and internationally

By it’s very nature and the very principles that comprise the basis of a biosphere, K2C have done and will always form various local partnerships in the implementation of all projects, goals and objectives.



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The formation of partnerships within the community of K2C as well as between k2C and outside organisations is a crucial focus and objective of the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere.  As our vision clearly states... “Partnering to  achieve a sustainable future for all life within the Kruger to Canyons region”, it is believed that this can only truly and successfully be achieved through the formation of cooperative partnerships.

K2C Partnerships

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