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Our World Around Us

People living in the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Region (K2C BR) are fortunate to be custodians of one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth:

the Escarpment Mountains with its grasslands and afro-montane forests towers over the savannah bushveld of the Lowveld, where huge areas are designated as formal conservation lands.  The life giving waters that are captured and then released by the higher rainfall in the Escarpment Mountains links these three biomes and the people and their livelihoods through the rivers flowing towards the Indian Ocean.

This endowment described above offers unique opportunities and responsibilities to the custodians of the land. This led to the establishment of the K2C Biosphere Region ( ratified by UNESCO in 2001).


In Ancient cultures, the understanding of the link and connection between and individual and his or her world around them was an integral part of their culture and their vision on the world.

As time progressed and “modernisation” wound its way into the daily facts of life, we have lost this connection and have rather chosen to see ourselves as separate to, or even above the world around us and instead of seeing it as an extension of ourselves, we have chosen to see it as a resource and supplier to our integral needs.

However, more and more, we are both feeling the need and being presented with indication of our connection and integral reliance on the world around us.

It is only when we start linking into and becoming part of the world around us and seeing it as an extension of ourselves, that we will truly start looking after it.   This includes our friends, family and the society around us as well as the physical world and the geography and geology around us and similarly, the environmental world of fauna and flora around us.

The principles of the Biosphere try to help and assist in creation or showcasing these links and ties and connections either between different communities, or between individuals and communities and the environment around them.

Holistic and “single vision management” has a far greater chance at success and resilience into the future,than does a patchworked, broken and un-homogenous form of management.

However, in order to enable such a vision, we also need to ensure that we know as much as is possible as regards the various factors and sectors within the K2C region.


The Kruger to Canyons Biosphere contains widely diverse landscapes, ranging in altitude from 300 metres above sea level in the east to in excess of 2,000m in the Drakensburg Escarpment where the plateau basin begins

Geographic Characteristics of the K2C Biosphere

Fauna & Flora

The Kruger to Canyons Reserve consists of a diverse range of landscapes and ecosystems: four of the fifteen important types listed by the World Network of Biosphere Reserves exist here.

Fauna and Flora existing within the K2C Region

Climate Geology Ecology Rivers Invasive Species Biomes Fires
Mammals Bird Life Insects Trees & Plants Reptiles, Amphibians & Fish Grasses
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