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On the 20th of September 2001 the Kruger to Canyons (K2C) Biosphere Reserve was registered in Paris by UNESCO.

K2C is recognised under the UNESCO (United Nations Educations, Scientific and Cultural Organisation)  Man and the Biosphere Programme.

It became the 411th Biosphere Reserve site to be registered in 94 countries worldwide, acknowledging the global significance of Greater Kruger bioregion, the eastern savannahs and escarpment of South Africa.

Biosphere Reserves are designated regions throughout the world where internationally important ecosystems and protected areas lie adjacent to human settlements, and are established to promote solutions to reconcile the conservation of biodiversity and its sustainable use.

The K2C Biosphere Programme is an extensive community-driven initiative situated in the east of the country. It bridges Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, and it is also at the interface of the Eastern Transvaal Drakensberg Escarpment and the Central Lowveld

UNESCO MaB Programme

The Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme is an Intergovernmental Scientific Programme aiming to set a scientific basis for the improvement of the relationships between people and their environment globally.

Man and the Biosphere Programme

Seville Strategy

The Sevilee Strategy is a document drawn up in Seville Spain which was drawn up to outline the principles and concepts behind the UNESCO MaB Programme and from which Biosphere’s around the world are able to plan and implement processes and projects

UNESCO’s Seville Strategy to support the MaB Programme

Madrid Action Plan

The Madrid Action Plan is a revision of the Seville Strategy drawn up during the 3rd World Conference for Biosphere Reserves In  Madrid, February 2008.  It outlines adapted strategies and objectives to deal with a changing world. And the world network of Biosphere Reserves

Revision of the Seville Strategy - Feb 2008

Institutional Administration

The Kruger to Canyons Biosphere as an institution has gone through a number of changes since its inception.  From the very early days of a steering committee, to a trust, a voluntary association and finally registered as a Non Profit Company.

The development of the K2C as an institution

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